Speak Out!


Rob Moitoza is not just a pretty face, or even a pretty great writer, singer, bass player, and producer. No! Rob Moitoza also has a mind! (and a great sense of humor), as well as a conscience! You owe it to yourselves to buy this CD to goad you and guide you

1. "Democracy" Clip

2. "Chicken Hawks" Clip

3. "Great Deceivers" Clip

4. "They Call Me Free" Clip

5. "Faith Bass" Clip

6. "Election 2000" Clip

7. "Oh Say Can You See" Clip

8. "George Bush National Park" Clip

9. "Great American Smokeout" Clip

10. "World On Fire" Clip

11. "You're Not Alone" Clip

12. "Speak Out!" Clip