Blues State


Rob Moitoza, 3-time winner of the "Best Blues Bass Player" of the Seattle area, holding forth and holding firm. Impeccable!

1. "Count The Ways" Clip

2. "Ghost of the Blues" Clip

3. "That's Why I Wanna Live Alone " Clip

4. "Speeches to the Streets" Clip

5. "Change Is Gonna Come" Clip

6. "Parchman Farm" Clip

7. "Blue State Blues" Clip

8. "Cut Me Off" Clip

9. "Love Is Like A Heatwave" Clip

10. "Blueprint for the Blues" Clip

11. "I Did Wrong" Clip

12. "Laughed More Than We Cried" Clip

13. "I've Got My Mojo Working" Clip

14. "That's Why I Wanna Live Alone(Lonlier)" Clip