Cavalcade of Stars


This CD is howlingly funny! Buy one today so you can remain more healthy for the rest of your life!

1. "They Call Him The Riff" Clip

2. "We're The Music Butchers" Clip

3. "One Note Song " Clip

4. "We Are The World" Clip

5. "Meyers' Pliers Suppliers" Clip

6. "Rocky House" Clip

7. "Grampa's Rap" Clip

8. "Same Old Sorry Blues" Clip

9. "I Shoulda Been A Jukebox" Clip

10. "The Electric Reverend Address" Clip

11. "God Is Green" Clip

12. "You're Lousy" Clip

13. "Zinithol" Clip

14. "No Parties 'Til Further Notice" Clip

15. "God 'N' Guns" Clip

16. "Cain't Touch This" Clip

17. "I Got You I Feel Good" Clip

18. "I'm Bad" Clip